About Me


Hi, I'm Rachel. Thanks for stopping by! I have always loved the creative process.  After receiving a degree in graphic design from Colorado State University, it was 10 years before I found clay and fell in love with it. My husband and I work for a faith-based nonprofit as life coaches and mentors, and pottery has always been my hobby and therapy. After much nudging from friends and family, I dove in to start selling my work. It has been so much fun and I love blessing people with things that I make. My husband is my greatest advocate and friend, my two daughters are my joy, Fort Collins is my home, and I love helping people find and live out of who they are made to be. I hope that you feel loved as you enjoy my work.

My Instagram is @rachelschultzpottery

My new studio is Beautiful Mud Pottery in the heart of Fort Collins. Find out more at www.beautifulmudpottery.com. Instagram is @beautifulmudpotteryfc