I Got a Shoutout!

A dear friend referred me to an online magazine where they highlight different creative entrepreneurs.  It was such a cool blessing and I wanted to share the link with you.  I really couldn't do this without the encouragement of friends and family.  Thank you all so very much. Here's the link:

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The Gift of Clay

The process clay goes through in the firing process turns mud into rock.  It is glazed with color and then is fired, turning the exterior to glass. It goes from a dusty muddy lump, into something to be displayed, admired, and utilized. Life can feel much like that process. Life is full of seasons of richness and seasons of deficit.  In the middle of those times of dissatisfaction, I am in the process of seizing the opportunity to embrace that I am dust, I am mud. And yet, God loves dust. And I love how working with clay gives me...

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When you step out in vulnerability to begin something like this it feels risky. I am learning to lean into gratitude in the process. Gratitude for the gift of being able to create, gratitude for those who have taught me, gratitude for the words of encouragement along the way, gratitude for the generosity of so many. The practice of gratitude has brought perspective to this place of vulnerability. And so... today, I am grateful.  

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Here we go!

So, I can't believe this is happening, but I am officially a business owner. I am taking deep breaths and holding on for dear life hoping this all works. I truly love the creative process and that is what I keep in my heart as I get this pottery biz up and running. "May your hands be full of clay and your heart be full of imagination."-Carol Wright

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